I'm Katie

chief geek and design obsessive

I founded Geek Boutique in 2015 and have helped over 100 businesses define and perfect their visual and digital presence and helped them to elevate their brand to that all important next level. 

I love ambitious, authentic businesses and entrepreneurs who are excited to see what their brands can accomplish. 

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Rebranding, or launching a new website is a big investment for any business so it’s so important to find the right designer for the job! Design is better, and resonates more when the brand is a great fit with the designer – so it’s worth taking the time to make sure I’m the right one for you! Have a look through examples of my work and my Instagram to get a feel for my style and what I do, and organise a discovery call so you can find out about my approach and I can find out about you and your vision for your business. 

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I absolutely understand that some businesses feel they just need a logo to get started… Budgeting for a full brand feels like a big investment – and perhaps it doesn’t feel like the right move fo you right now. 

That said, I passionately believe in the power of having a fully cohesive, adaptable brand – with multiple marks, an exclusive colour scheme and a proper font hierarchy. It elevates businesses into a different stratosphere and gives you so much more confidence as a business owner! Having ‘just a logo’ just doesn’t have the same effect so – as someone who wants to make the biggest  impact I can on the businesses I work with – I only take on full branding projects!

Boutique means bespoke – I offer a one to one service, where I make sure I take the time to discover with you the look and feel that suits your business. This means you get a personal service – no shoving about from pillar to post – you’re stuck with me – who promises to be as passionate about getting it right as you are (maybe even boringly so!)

Work with me and you get a passionate designer determined to find the right visual solutions for you and your brand. But a truly brilliant, fruitful partnership will have expectations that go both ways… Here are my expectations of the clients I choose to work with: 

  • An understanding and respect for the fact that  any design process is important and takes time.
  • A willingness to take feedback and be open to advice from an expert in their field (i’m honest – if I think an idea you have is wrong for your target audience – I’ll tell you so!) 
  • A trust and belief in my experience as a designer.
  • A respect for my time  which means that when we decide on a structure for key points in our timeline we stick to it.
  • A real understanding that if this process is to be done well it has to be  collaborative – if you want a brand that’s a perfect fit – you need to be free, open and timely with your input and feedback.

I’m a big believer in providing you with a website that you can handle. All my sites are super easy to update – you don’t have to know a word of code or have a degree in rocket science to make simple content updates; so you can be sure your site is always fresh and up to date without having to pay a programmer a small fortune every time you want to add a full stop!

In a non smaltzy way… I may well be the expert at which image looks best or which font completes your killer look – but you’re the expert on your business, which means to get the result you want we need to get there together. You’ll tell me everything you like and don’t like, where you see your business going and what kind of people you want to attract and I’ll design you something that ticks all those shiny boxes.

Of course your new brand and website should look gorgeous – that’s a given – but it also has to work in the right way for your business. I’ll make sure that design goes hand in hand with user experience and accessibility.