Will we make sweet music together?…

…or at the very least make a stonkingly good website and masterplan for your business empire. Here are the principles I work by:

I LOVE small businesses

Maybe you’re a craft market addict, a burgeoning online shop, an ambitious start-up, a hard working sole trader, or a keen blogger ready to take things to the next level… any which way I can design you a individually crafted website and online brand to get you off to the best possible start. I believe in making things look as stylish as possible whilst not charging silly inflated prices – so you get a bespoke look for a price you won’t have to remortgage a small country for…

I LOVE good communication

Boutique means bespoke – I offer a one to one service, where I make sure I take the time to discover with you the look and feel that suits your business. This means you get a personal service – no shoving about from pillar to post – you’re stuck with me – who promises to be as passionate about getting it right as you are (maybe even boringly so!)

I’m all about sites
that aren’t scary!

I’m a big believer in providing you with a website that you can handle. All my sites are super easy to update – you don’t have to know a word of code or have a degree in rocket science to make simple content updates; so you can be sure your site is always fresh and up to date without having to pay a programmer a small fortune every time you want to add a full stop!

You can’t go wrong with a bit of togetherness…

In a non smaltzy way… I may well be the expert at which image looks best or which font completes your killer look – but you’re the expert on your business, which means to get the result you want we need to get there together. You’ll tell me everything you like and don’t like, where you see your business going and what kind of people you want to attract and I’ll design you something that ticks all those shiny boxes.

I’ll give you a site that is MORE than beautiful

Of course your website should look gorgeous – that’s a given – but it also has to work in the right way for your business. I’ll make sure that design goes hand in hand with user experience and accessibility. I can also help you with marketing ideas and plans for your company so your web and media presence is a wonderfully efficient coherent machine that’s working hard to bring you the customers you deserve!

I’m no power addict – I’ll give you the tools to take over the world

…if by world you mean your site – then – yes I will very definitely make you your very own kickass superhero. I design all my sites in wordpress (what’s that I hear you cry – have a look at my Guide to Geek Speak) which is incredibly easy for even the most technophobic soul to use. If needed I can train you in how to use your site like a guru – and provide you with a fool-proof manual so you can make as many future editorial changes as your lovely heart desires. Of course if you need anything more substantial done I’m always around to help, and I have extremely competitively hourly rates when it comes to future additional work.

Now for the awkward part… do you like the sound of me? If not – here are some cute kittens to make up for wasting your time, BUT if you do (you person of impeccable and discerning taste) get in touch with me here.