How to use AI  to Create Engaging Content without sounding like an spam bot (eeugh)

Last week I went to my first proper conference as a business owner. Get me and all my adulting ways! Atomicon 2023 was absolutely brilliant – crammed to the rafters with bodacious business owners and entrepreneurs and featuring some truly inspiring speakers about how to take our small businesses to that all elusive ‘next level’. One topic that featured highly was the dawn of AI and Chat GPT, and how that was rapidly changing how small businesses might operate both now and in the near future. I’m not going to lie – the not so inner geek in me was enthralled!! I’ve dabbled with chat GPT in recent months, but in an unfocussed, haphazard way. So since getting back from Newcastle I’ve dove head first into some proper research around AI tools out there that will help me create content that is a slam dunk in terms of what my audience is intereted in – and reader – i’m HOOKED.

So here – for your delectation – is a summary of how you, now, today (yes YOU) could implement AI to make content creation a breeze

AI and content creation – the why?

If you’re anything like me you started your business to follow your passion, not to spend days struggling to come up with content ideas and topics to share with your followers. But face the facts Busy Barbara – creating content is how you stay connected and continue to gain new leads and sales. Maybe the thought of churning out blog postssocial media updates, newsletters and more on top of running your business makes you want to curl into a sad little ball under your desk. BUT… don’t despair Debbie Downer (I’m all about alliterative mood signalling names today obviously)! AI-powered tools can generate content ideas, topics, headlines and even drafts tailored to your ideal audience’s needs.

Have No Fear, AI is Here to Help – Some useful tools to get you started

I get it. The idea of artificial intelligence creating content for your business can seem strange, maybe – the horror – inauthentic. But AI tools simply provide ideas and suggestions based on current events and influencer content in your industry that you can then customize to match your brand voice. The content is really still coming from you – the AI just gives you a helpful head start.

Tool #1: Blog Title Generator by Portent

This free tool provides blog title ideas based on the keywords you input. Just type in a few words related to your topic and you’ll get a list of suggested titles using all sorts of clever things like emotional triggers, questions and current trends to attract reader interest.

Hot Tips when using Portent

  • Either choose one of the titles as-is or combine your favourite parts of different options to create something wholly new. Don’t just post and run – remember to tweak the wording to match your style.
  • Use the tool when you have the seed of a topic but can’t figure out the right angle or headline. The options it provides get your creative juices flowing so you can develop fab supporting content.

Tool #2: Blog Topic Generator by HubSpot

The HubSpot Blog Topic Generator provides a list of trending topics and ideas in various categories based on influencer content and current events.

How to use the Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

Visit and explore suggested topics for your industry. Choose one that matches your brand message. Use the details provided about the topic to craft an outline including:

  • The topic angle and 1-2 title options
  • Opening paragraph with a trending stat or insight about why this issue is important › 3-4 supporting points with examples or data from influencers › A closing call-to-action for your readers to share feedback or engage further
  • Flesh out your outline into a full draft blog post. Publish and promote for new traffic and leads!

Tool #3: Buzzsumo 

Buzzsumo analyzes what content is trending in your industry based on social shares and backlinks. You can enter a broad topic or keyword and it will show you loads of popular titles, headlines and themes. This is an awersome tool for sparking ideas for angles and subjects you can cover that you can be confident your audience cares about.

Tool #4: Answer The Public

Answer The Public is a free tool for generating content ideas based on questions people may ask on various topics. You enter a keyword, topic or subject area and it will analyse zillions of real questions from all sorts of clever sources like forums, social media and Q&A sites. It then clusters common questions people tend to have on that topic. These questions often make great content ideas, especially if providing helpful answers or insights for the reader. It’s the perfect tool to easily identify subjects and angles people have a genuine interest in.

The fear of inauthenticity – how to use AI to create content whilst being true to your brand…

  • Customize the AI’s suggestions. Don’t just go with the first idea or draft the tool provides. Review multiple options and pick the ones that best match your brand vision and message.
  • Modify the wording and details to align with your brand voice and style. You know your brand better than anyone so a tweak here or there will make the world of difference.
  • Do your own research. While AI can surface trending topics and ideas, look into the issues further yourself. Find examples and statistics that are relevant to your specific audience and industry.
  • Share your story. Include personal anecdotes and stories from your own business experience to make the content more relatable.
  • Focus on high-level ideas rather than full drafts. Rather than outsourcing an entire blog post or social media thread to AI, use the tools primarily for ideas, angles, titles, or outline generation. Then you craft the full content in your own words from there. This allows your voice to shine through while still gaining all that juicy inspiration from AI.
  • Find the right balance. As you get used to using AI for content generation, test to determine the right mix of human vs AI involvement for your needs. Maybe AI provides 25-50% of the initial ideas and drafts which you then build upon. Fully human-crafted content should always still be a part of your strategy.

Are you ready to try AI?

With some of the tools i’ve mentioned you can wave that old cumbersome writer’s block goodbye. Imagine the endless joy of generating content ideas, topics and headlines that you know are tailored to you and your mission as a business.

But don’t forget the human touch… Balancing AI and human effort helps create content that leverages the trendspotting power of technology whilst still remaining focused on how you as a brand connects to your customer. By staying actively involved in customising and crafting your content, you can keep it authentic and keep building that all important trust and engagement.

AI is here to stay – so abandon the fear of the unknown and give it a whirl today to see how it can superpower your content production! And don’t forget to let me know how you get on!