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So first off – what do you want? A cheap and cheerful logo or a brand? If you just need a few artfully arranged squiggles to pop on the bottom of your emails then I’m probably not the girl for you (have a read of my blog about the difference between cheap logo creation and thought out brand design here)

Branding is not just a logo, and a logo is not just a few squiggles on a page, at least one with any thought and power behind isn’t. Your need and desire for proper branding is hugely dependent on your ambition for where your company will go. My suggestion is if you want it to really grow and inspire and attract you need the brand that you’re putting out there to be something special. Branding is a business’ public identity – the way it looks, the way it sounds, its tone, its personality… It should be thought through, developed and designed in a way that fits you and your business perfectly. And that – dear potential client of mine – is where I come in!

branding is your business' personality... it's not the time to be drab!

Curious about how I work? people are always surprised at how FUN the process is!

my process

My branding process starts with a couple of full on consulations (normally via phone or Skype) to uncover just what is is exactly you want your brand to represent! My clients are often amazed at how illuminating this part of the process is – we touch on things that you may not have thought about  and that can be TERRIFICALLY useful in terms of every aspect of your marketing. We’ll get to know your ideal client – who they are, what they like, what they loathe, who their favourite member of one-direction was (maybe not..) This gives us the perfect base to start designing a brand that works hard to attract them!

After we’ve chatted (and chatted and chatted) I go away and create three very different ‘concepts’ for the logo mark. These aren’t just three variations on a theme – these are three totally different ideas each designed to appeal to a different part of your ideal client’s personality…

After you’ve picked your favourite we tweak tweak tweak the design till we get it 100% right for you (that’s unlimited revisions in sales speak – I want you to love your brand identity so we won’t stop till you do!)

Once the logo is perfected we get to work on the brand assets you need – these will match what you and your business need e.g letterhead, invoice templates, Shop banners, business cards, social media assets etc.

yeah, yeah – blah blah blah – but are you any good?

Excellent question! I’m either your thing or I’m not! Judge for yourself – here are some of my recent projects!

case study | Pikaia Pilates

I recently did a full brand and website for new business Pikaia – a London based Pilates, Yoga and wellness centre.

The client wanted the brand to appear warm and approachable with an uplifting and motivating tone… She also wanted to visually reference the brand’s namesake – the Pikaia fish – the most primitive known vertebrate and therefore the ancestor of all descendant vertebrates, including humans… The client’s fitness philosophy revolves around spine health and flexibility so the world’s first vertebrate seemed an apt mascot!

The ‘P’ is formed from abstracted sketches of the fish – and embodies the look and feel of a flexible spine. The Colour palette is warm and inviting using a ‘sunrise gradient’ inspiring thoughts of new beginnings and change. The chosen font is friendly and approachable using round open shapes to form the typography…
Every logo should be flexible – so I designed different layouts for different uses, including a logo ‘marque’ that can be used as a shorthand for the brand. I also designed a suite of publicity material for the new studio, and a car sticker to advertises on the go!

The website carries on the themes of a bright warm welcoming atmosphere with softened edge and a sense of play in the design…

What do you think? Does it tempt you to crack out the yoga mat?

more more more…


Want to see more examples? Want to start the conversation about where we can take your brand? Or just want to say hello – get in touch (it’s probably a Monday and I’m lonely…)!