I can help you sell stuff. Or yourself (if that’s your bag).

In the dim dark stone age before going solo I worked in marketing for various arts and business companies. This means I have a fair bit of know how when it comes to working out how get you and your business out there in the world. I can help you cultivate a plan and a strategy that will ensure it’s not just you and me visiting your (now beautiful) website!

How it would work…

If you decide you’d like my help, first on the agenda will be a hot date of you, me and a steaming pot of coffee. We’ll do a full reccy of your business – be it fledgling or established, have a look at what’s working well and what could work better, and talk about where you would like to be in six months, a year, etc. Then I’ll go away and have a plot and a plan and produce an actionable list of marketing tasks (with instructions) that you can initiate to get you to where you want to be. If that’s all you need – then great – fly free – but if you’d like more assistance along the way then I can help there too!

What I can help you with…

  • create a marketing masterplan with actionable tasks that will help you to initiate and sustain growth
  • create an e-marketing campaign to help publicise your business to new and existing customers
  • advise on advertising options
  • help you to use social media to your best advantage
  • ideas for strategic marketing events
  • instruction for how to best issue press releases