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it's time for a beautiful, bold website that brings you real results!

it's time for a beautiful, bold website that brings you real results!

be memorable...
for all the right reasons

So truth bomb time – It’s 2023 – if you have a business –  you need a website. This is a simple unavoidable fact. 

Websites – in their most basic of forms give you an online presence, make you accessible, add credibility and reassure potential clients or customers that you are the real deal.

But to move your brand to where it deserves to be – you don’t just want any old website – you want a website that works overtime for you. That attracts leads and drives sales.

Websites have the power to become a vital marketing tool, an attractive shopfront, and a wonderful advertisement for your brand’s values and offerings.  

why good, thoughtful design is your friend...

Think about your own behaviour – would it put you off if a company you were considering dealing with didn’t have a website? How about you’re making a decision about which brand to choose between – one has a non user friendly, slow unattractive site, and the other is engaging, on brand and exciting to interface with… Which brand would you choose?


You may well be losing potential leads every single day because your web presence is putting people off.

Having your website work for you instead of against you has the power to transform your business.

stand out from the crowd...

But good enough isn’t good enough over here. No way. Boutique means BESPOKE. That’s why every Geek Boutique website is custom built from scratch, to suit you and your business down to ground. Every page is built with a particular conversion point in mind, and always, always to connect with that dream client. 

I don’t use templates or pre designed themes, EVER.

Your website is designed for you – and with your motivations at its core. Sit back and see your leads multiply with your new online presence working overtime for you.

how I work

You know your brand and business better than anyone else – and that’s why you will always be at the heart of the process. The work normally falls into three steps. 


If we’re also working on your brand together this will form part of this process. We will have a full design consultation including a branding and design questionnaire to get a through grasp on your hopes and visions for your company.  We’ll make pinterest boards together and talk through your competitors choices and discuss colours fonts and image choice. You will also be hard at work putting together the content that you want included in the site. 


First off – I’ll put togther a design for your home page – and we’ll discuss how it works for you and the brand (and check in that it has the right tone and feel for your business) Then I’ll disappear into a happy fog of coding and design and get to work completing that all-important first draft.  Once the first draft has landed you have a few days to play with it – and collate any feedback as to what changes you’d like applied.  


After delivery of the first draft we have a further three revision drafts to make sure the site feels perfect before launch. In the final stages we ensure the site is fully responsive on all devices and works well on all browsers. Then… the REALLY exciting part … we launch and you see your business leap into the stratosphere!

so what makes a good website?

A good website should always that gets your information across clearly, demands your audience’s attention, and make’s them want to find out more about your brand. To do this your content needs to be delivered in beautiful and accessible way. All websites should:

have a simple and intuitive navigation system that allows a user to move around quickly and easily with no ‘dead-ends’ leading to more conversions and more sales. 

be mobile optimised and touch enabled for optimal performance on any portable device to make sure you’re always leaving the best impression. 

have an easy to use Content Management System to enable you to edit all areas of the site and keep your content fresh, saving you time and money. 

be search-engine friendly with optimised content so that the website ranks well in search results, attracting more eyes and sales!

but who needs good when you can have great

I design and build user friendly, engaging and high-performance websites that are beautiful inside and out. From the back-end management of content, to the front-end aesthetic – I deliver a sophisticated and innovative user experience that is bold, fun engaging, and effortlessly represents your brand.


get ready to constantly hear 'your website is so you'... because it will be!

and there's more

A beautiful website is all well and good – but you need people to find it too! That’s why I now include an SEO package with every website I create. This means I work to SEO best practice, integrate UX principles and aim to build a site that helps streamline your processes and reduce barriers to conversion.

Each site comes with standard inclusions:


404 page

Basic web integrations (Google Analytics, Search Engine, Facebook Pixel)

Google and Bing search console submission

access to premium plugins for SEO and speed.

...and here's the cherry on top

I’m always around if you need me to work on your site after sign off – but I also want you to feel empowered by true ownership of your site. That’s why every site build comes with a suite of how to videos so you’ll know how to update the site yourself!

are you ready to give your brand the attention it deserves?

I would LOVE to hear all about your business and where you want to take it.  If you’d like to have a chat about how we can work together to elevate your brand and web presence to truly reflect all the awesomeness and ambition that it represents (and of course bring more sales to your door) then get in touch!

questions people ask?

answered here so you don't have to ! If you have a different question just ask!

Every client I work with is unique, each and every project we different. That’s why the first step will be to have a chat about how I can help your business and put together a custom proposal that’s tailored to your individual needs. Although investment varies depending on complexity and delivered value, most of my branding projects start at the £1000. If you’re interested in my web design services  – they start at £1500. 

I want to work with brilliant brands who understand that good design is an investment. Intentional, specific design is based on research and strategy, and developed to specifically help grow your business in a way that reflects your own unique vision. Your investment will be returned in a consistent, confident brand identity that will earn trust and respect and bring you more leads and sales. 

I absolutely understand that some businesses feel they just need a logo to get started… Budgeting for a full brand feels like a big investment – and perhaps it doesn’t feel like the right move fo you right now. 

That said, I passionately believe in the power of having a fully cohesive, adaptable brand – with multiple marks, an exclusive colour scheme and a proper font hierarchy. It elevates businesses into a different stratosphere and give you so much more confidence as a business owner! Having ‘just a logo’ just doesn’t have the same effect so – as someone who wants to make the biggest  impact I can on the businesses I work with – I only take on full branding projects!

Nope! If I did that I wouldn’t be designing you your very own stand out brand… and I’d be failing you as a designer!

I totally get that you see and admire and aspire to existing brands out there – and that’s a good thing. During the design consultations I’ll want to find out all your likes and dislikes – and all the brands that chime in with your vision and vibe. BUT then I’ll take all that juicy information and transform it into something wholly identifiable as YOURS.  

No – I create the designs but I don’t do thet printing! I can however put you in touch with my favourite printer with a 25% discount for your first order. 

My branding packages include: 

  • A deep research dive into your clients and competitors to make sure the brand is a perfect fit to help you stand out.
  • A minimum of three brand marks (logo lockups).
  • A Brand Positioning Statement and brand concept story. 
  • A selection of brand image style and tone to bring your brand to life online and in future print assets.
  • Some gorgeous brand mockups to help you launch your brand with a BANG!
  • A bespoke colour palette to customise your visual positioning across your digital and print presence.
  • A full set of file types to meet your needs across all digital and print requirements including; jpg, png, svg, and eps vector files ensuring your designs can be scaled to any size.  
  • Typography choices including downloads for your new brand fonts. 
  • Brand guidelines so you know how to use your groegous new branding, where to use what mark, what colours to use where, and how to use your new fonts. 
You know your brand better than anyone – therefore I’ll need certain things from you before I’m able to start designing. After contracts have been signed and deposits paid we’ll set up a brand discovery call to begin the process. I may well give you a few things to think about before the call, and ask you to create a pinterest board to get a bit of insight into the style of branding you like, and the types of colours and visuals that feel right.

Projects always vary in length depending on your availability to properly consider all options  – but normally a branding process will take between three and six weeks. 

I take a 50% deposit to book your project into my diary, a further 25% after the inital designs have landed and the balance when we complete!

I LOVE my job – I get to turn people’s hopes and dreams about their business into a visual reality – it’s exciting and fun –  and  I like to work in a way that feels fun and exciting for you too! By the end of the process so much of what you want to achieve with your brand will be distilled and clarified. Everyone I work with comments on what a invigorating process it is!

I pride myself on ensuring that delivering your new branding is as seamless and stress free as possible – for both of us!

Once we’ve decided on the package that is right for you I’ll send over a timeline which outlines the steps we both need to take to get to the finish line – together with deadlines to keep us both on track.

I’ll always keep in touch with how the project is going and clearly communicate if I need something else from you. Likewise I ask you to keep in touch with me about any delays on your end so we can both respect each others time and commitments. 

let's chat!

Set up a discovery call with me to discuss how we can elevate your brand to the next level and increase your web presence, leads and sales!