Hosting your website

Host your website files with me to avoid the hassle of dealing with a third party host and working out what you do and don’t need! I know what hosting you need for your site and won’t blindsight you with lots of bumpf that just isn’t necessary!

how I host...

I host websites through a dedicated server at my favourite, tried and tested hosting partner. If you’re interested in the geeky stuff it offers: 

  • Speed! This hosting platform is built on Linux containers with SSD disks with a super duper inbuilt caching service. In other words – it loads your website up FAST.
  • Security. The server’s security team maintains a Web Application Firewall (WAF) with custom rules that stop numerous third-party software vulnerabilities. This is constantly monitored and we’re alerted straight away should anything creepy occur! 
  • Terrific uptime. You want your site to be always online, so you want the service to be always connected. Our server overs 99.8% uptime!
  • SSL cert included – which means no additional pesky cost. 

who I host...

I only host websites that i’ve created – no if you’re not an existing client of mine then I’m afraid i’m not the host for you. However I do have some recommendations that i’m only too happy to share!

start your hosting account...

You can subscribe to our hosting here with your credit / debit card. It will start a annual recurring payment. If you would rather pay via BACS let me know.  

what it costs?

Annual hosting: £75 / year

what it includes?

All of the techy brilliance listed above, and the peace of mind that I’m looking after your site. Going forwards your website will hopefully remain speedy and healthy but you can always contact me if anything looks strange and i’ll look into it staright away!

what it doesn't include?

In the event of your website becoming vulnerable to a hacking attack – we will be alerted straight away – however it will cost extra for me to rectify the issue. You can ensure that the hacking doesn’t take place by maintaining your website properly. If you’re looking for more  – and would like me to maintain and protect your website too – have a look at our Inner Geek Club maintenance packages

any questions?

The techy side of websites can be confusing and even a bit scary. I get it! That’s why I decided to start offering hosting for my clients – to streamline the process and make it something they didn’t have to think about! Here are some question’s i’m often asked. 

what the heck is hosting anyway?

Don’t worry I understand that this can be confusing. Hosting is a monthly or annual expense that comes with owning any website. Your website is ‘online’ because of all of the complex little files atht make up your beautiful new site need to live somewhere that is constantly hooked up to a switched on – internet attached – server. If not – the files aren’t available to the web and THUD – you’re offline. 

I own my domain - is that the same thing?

Unfortunately not! Think of the domain as your front door, whereas your hosting is the leasehold… You’ve paid for the right to use your web address and you have access to theb tools to direct it to theinternet host of your choice – but you can’ t host a site on a domain registration!

What makes a good host?

An excellent question… In my view the following factors are KEY: 

  • being speeeeedy – quicker loading sites are better for SEO and are less – well – annoying!
  • being secure – hosts provide a varying amount of security against brute force attacks by all those nasty germy bots out there – you want one which comes out FIGHTING!
  • Good track record of uptime – this is how much time it’s online – please note that this is never 100% of the time – but you need to be looking for 99.9%!
  • good customer service – someone you can email or talk to when something looks off!