Moonpig rebrand… how less can be MORE

Yup I’m still harping on about branding… I’ll stop soon I promise.

For my second installment of recent rebrands that I think really work I bring you… (drumroll please)


Who amongst you hasn’t made a speedy last minute birthday card on this glorious site… The pioneers of online personalised greeting cards back when they launched in 2002, lots of people were charmed by their oddball name and playful identity led by a cartoon that eponymous spacey porcine.

Fifteen years later moonpig had moved on  – it wasn’t just a card distributor anymore  – they were the king of UK personalised gift distribution, and the mascot led cutesy branding was looking  – well a little dated and limiting in scope.. Soooo  – time for a rebrand:

Let’s have a closer look at that logo:



Pretty simple right? They even played on it’s gorgeous simplicity on social media:

But actually I rather love this branding and think it’s rather genius in its economy of design, but wealth of personality. I LOVE the bespoke sans-serif type family that was created for the brand. This is how Ian Styles, mastermind behind the rebrand, describes the choice:


We worked extensively with British based type company F37 Foundry to create and develop a bespoke type family that would play a key role in Moonpig’s new brand identity. Both companies worked together using the F37 Ginger type family as the foundations, creating a new Demi weight called Moonpig Lift-Off.

“This weight features three styles of alternates with random programming, giving it a playful yet structured execution. It consists of four subclasses: a regular class for the normal design of the characters, one class for the ‘lift’ characters, another class for the ‘wobbly’ characters and one for the more complex group of characters — those that ‘shake’

What you get is something brilliantly playful (very much a core feeling for the brand), and flexible enough to be used across a wide selection of different products. The bold colour palette is also very much up my street, and I love the clever and subtle way they’ve worked the snout icon into the full logo and across social media identities and the app badge.


Charming, expressive and versatile  – a simple but massively effective choice. Just brilliant!

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