Cori Javid

Cori Javid is a glorious force of nature – a money mindset coach for ambitious mothers in business, podcast host and general positivity guru extraordinaire. 

Her business had grown exponentially since starting up in 2017 – but she was still using her homemade Squarespace website. 

It was clearly time to level up, and to give Cori a site that represented where her business was now at. She wanted her (fabulous) coaching courses to reach a global audience and to have a site that reassured prospective investors of her credibility. Cori’s message is all about how wealth and abundance can be within anyones reach – so the site had to visually represent this feeling of success and exspense. 

Katie is an absolute star.  When I started my business I ended up DIYing my own website just because I had those skills.  But what I have learned since then, is that just because you can doesn’t mean you should!  Investing in having a custom built WordPress site created by Katie meant that not only did my online presence get an immediate upgrade because she is fab at the design and visual part, but also we have way more flexibility now than in my old Squarespace site.  This means that my website feels much more joined-up now and is actively working to nurture relationships with potential clients.  Having a website that I feel excited to send people to (as opposed to the uncomfortable feeling I had sending people to my slightly janky old website!) is priceless and more than worth the investment because it is an asset that keeps contributing to results in my business. 

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Cori Javid