Wading Herons

Wading Herons apprached me as a newly formed company – set up by two highly experienced individuals who had spent their working life to date in big corporations and finance. They both could see how human experience within the corporate world was crying out for a reboot. 

Their mission through their new consultancy is to bring the balance back to big business. To put humans at the heart of how corporations operate. Their advisory services cover all aspects of the working experience – from leadership to ESG and sustainability. 

They wanted a fresh, unique, captivating web design. They wanted the user experience to be seamless and evocative of the ‘different’ experience of working with them. Have a look and see what you think!

From the start, we needed a web presence that clearly reflected Wading Herons mission in a very different, engaging way. With a blank sheet, Katie at Geek was able to interpret our ideas and designed a beautiful, flowing site. With a particular B2B audience, it was important that our messaging was clear, but relayed in an emotive, engaging way. We have a great result and the experience of co-creating it with Katie was a real pleasure.


Murray Brown

Wading Herons