What is SEO and how do I get good at it??

Uuuughghghghgh not another webby acronym… why can’t us geeky people just talk normally?! What the bejeezus is this SEO lark? Search Engine Optimisation is the answer…. No clearer? It basically means employing good practices in your website’s development and content that means google will prioritise where you appear on a search engines list of results for any particular keyword.

Good SEO is golden for any website. Think about what you do if you’re looking for a lawyer or a plumber, or a gorgeous organic candle or a virtual assistant… you go to google! Everyone does… The higher you appear on a list of search results the more likely it is that someone searching for your product or service will buy from you or make contact.

SEO scares people, I know this from talking to my lovely clients, they think it’s all about hideous hidden code that will cost a fortune to implement. You can remortgage to fund a SEO campaign and pay a huge monthly sum to get some faceless company to ‘do it’ for you, OR you can make some quick changes yourself and start some good  practices in content management that means you can do it yourself… Your call!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be publishing a series of blogs about how you can improve SEO yourself  in a totally unscary, manageable way, and will hopefully demystify the subject for you so it’s no longer a big green monster squatting on your poor website. Stay tuned  – and of course if you can’t wait for the posts get in touch for a free site health check and a chat about what you can do TODAY to improve your google rating!

POWER TO THE PEOPLE! (not the big green monsters!!!)