Discovering the heart of your brand: what are core values and how to define yours

So here’s a question for you… What’s the beautiful, loud, pulsating heartbeat of your brand? I’m talking about those core values that act as the compass for everything your brand stands for. Defined core values aren’t just fluffy buzzwords to toss around; they’re the DNA that shapes your brand identity, decision-making, and sets you apart […]

How to maintain brand consistency in an ever changing world

How to maintain brand consistency in an ever changing world

Now obviously i’m more than a little biased – but I’ll never stop harping on about the importance of a distinctive, consistent, well thought out brand identity. As a small business – or a budding entrepreneur, in order to attract and keep customers, you need to build a memorable brand. Your visuals, messaging, experience and […]

How to use AI  to Create Engaging Content without sounding like an spam bot (eeugh)

Last week I went to my first proper conference as a business owner. Get me and all my adulting ways! Atomicon 2023 was absolutely brilliant – crammed to the rafters with bodacious business owners and entrepreneurs and featuring some truly inspiring speakers about how to take our small businesses to that all elusive ‘next level’. […]

Why are logos so expensive?

I’ve had a few potential clients in the past express surprise at how much I charge for branding design  – and I’m very middle of the road when it comes to cost (not to quality of course!!!) “You want how much for a logo??? I just want a few squiggles on a page that I […]

To blog or not to blog

Well hello there…. I’ve resisted the urge to blog before. There are far too many people out there claiming to be the world authority on everything for me to add to the pile. However – I’ve found myself having the same conversations with many of my clients in terms of where to start in this […]