Write amazing blog content that will boost your website’s SEO

You’ve started your own blog – first of all give yourself a firm pat on your back! It’s one of the best ways to keep your website content fresh and relevant. As well as making your site a more interesting and compelling place to visit (which keeps those visitors coming back) it is also a […]

SEO Lesson Two: choosing the right keywords

Hopefully you’ve read my first lesson and so are all over the basics of how SEO works and you know how to make sure your site is visible to search engines. This lesson is all about that sacred SEO grail – excellent use of keywords…. Identifying the right keywords takes a bit of (well used) […]

WordPress vs Squarespace (and others!)

A lot of my clients find me in order to ‘upgrade’ a site that they previously launched on one of those lovely ‘build your website’ sites that stalk you on facebook. Now don’t get me wrong – I think these sites are fab – I especially like Squarespace – whose clean designs suits modern tastes […]

How to find free images for your new website!

For a beautiful website, you need beautiful content – and the right image can often be more eloquent than the fiercest copy in terms of getting the right impression across of just how fabulous your business is… If you have enough money in your budget I’d always recommend getting some professional photos done – you […]