Write amazing blog content that will boost your website’s SEO

You’ve started your own blog – first of all give yourself a firm pat on your back! It’s one of the best ways to keep your website content fresh and relevant. As well as making your site a more interesting and compelling place to visit (which keeps those visitors coming back) it is also a […]

SEO Lesson Two: choosing the right keywords

Hopefully you’ve read my first lesson and so are all over the basics of how SEO works and you know how to make sure your site is visible to search engines. This lesson is all about that sacred SEO grail – excellent use of keywords…. Identifying the right keywords takes a bit of (well used) […]

SEO Lesson One: How it works and running a website health check

Howdy folks and welcome to your first instalment on how to ACE the google search engines and creep up their mythical heights… Not sure what SEO is? – Read my introduction here – then come back to do some hardass LEARNING. I know from talking to my lovely clients that people often feel scared / […]

What is SEO and how do I get good at it??

Uuuughghghghgh not another webby acronym… why can’t us geeky people just talk normally?! What the bejeezus is this SEO lark? Search Engine Optimisation is the answer…. No clearer? It basically means employing good practices in your website’s development and content that means google will prioritise where you appear on a search engines list of results […]

How to create a direct link to your google reviews

Howdy fellow web comrade (and, I’m guessing, small business owner!) In this crowded small globe it’s often tough to be picked out of a line up. Certainly, as a designer the market is rammed with four eyed edgily dressed individuals all desperately howling ‘pick me!!! pick me!!!’. If you’re out there selling three legged one […]